Whale Instant Match Waste Pump – Wired & Wireless

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To minimise gulley suction noise the Whale Instant Match pump with Bluetooth Wireless Technology uses a digital signal sent from the Mira Advance Flex Extra shower to automatically adjust the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower. No set-up necessary - gives plug and play operation.

  • No physical link required between Instant Match and Mira Advance Flex Extra Wireless
  • Wireless control
  • Shower automatically turns off in the event of power failure to the pump
  • Quiet gulley
  • Simple pairing of pump with shower

This Instant Match kit SDP134T may be used with the following showers:

  • Mira Advance ATLW Flex Extra Wireless 9.0kW (J97P) 1.1643.311
  • Mira Advance ATL Flex Extra 9.0kW (J97H) 1.1643.010 for hard wired connection only

Note. For installation with any electric shower a Venturi Flow Sensor can be fitted inline - Part No. SDS223T.