Mira Advance Flex Extra 8.7kw Thermostatic Electric Care Shower – White

For a safe, reliable and long-lasting electric shower, look no further than the new Mira Advance Flex Extra. Thoughtfully designed with the user in mind, it’s packed with helpful safety features to make showering easier, especially for the vulnerable user. With the added ability to connect to the Whale instant match pump.

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Temperature control
  • Control type: Thermostatic (electronic)
  • Adjustable maximum temperature for on-site conditions
  • Phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make it safe for the next user
  • Factory set to safe max temp: Adjustable to 4 different max temp settings (41°C-48°C)
Installation Information
  • Supply Voltage: 230v + 10%
  • Supply rating 40 amp
  • Terminal block connections: Maximum 16mm131
  • Water entry points: Right (Rising, falling or rear with an elbow)
  • Cable entry points: Right (Rising, falling or rear)
  • Inlet connections: Brass inlet connector. 1/2" BSP Male and 15mm compression fitting
  • Outlet connections: 1/2" BSP Male
Supply Conditions (cold mains feed)
  • Minimum maintained pressure: 0.5 bar (5 metre head), (1.0 bar BEAB Care)
  • Maximum maintained pressure: 5.0 bar (50 meter head)
  • Maximum static pressure: 10.0 bar (100 metre head)
Benefits for your customer
  • Easily accessible controls, with high contrast on critical touch points.
  • Audible and tactical features for the visually impaired user
  • Four different maximum temperature settings
  • Anti-glare matte finish panel
  • 110mm showerhead with 3 spray modes and extra long easy to use slide bar with patented friction grip showerhead holder
Integral Pump Connectivity
  • We developed the Mira Advance Flex Extra in partnership with Whale who are the market leaders in pump technology
  • Wired or wireless connection to waste pumps, for where gravity drainage is not suitable
  • Bluetooth® Enabled - Simplified wireless pump connectivity to Whale Instant Match Pump
  • Wireless two-way communications between shower and pump reduces risk of flooding if the power to the pump is turned off.
Product Approvals
  • WRAS Approved
  • KIWA UK Approved
  • BEAB Care Approved
  • RNIB Approved Gold awarded
  • RNIB Approved Gold awarded